• Introducing 57° North

    by  • March 8, 2013 • site news • 0 Comments


    You’ll have noticed things have been a bit quiet on here of late, that’s because I’ve been part of a new project.

    And this is it:


    Think of it as a supercharged version of The Kiosque. We’re aware it’ll take a bit of time to get all the sections, news and listings etc. up to speed, but it’s a pretty good start I reckon, and region-wide too, which is a boost for all you non-metropolitan types : )

    I’m also aware that the club/electronic side of things is lacking at the moment, hopefully that will change too.

    The details are here for anyone who wants to get involved/add events/give us feedback etc.

    And no, it won’t be just “boring cooncil stuff”.

    As for The Kiosque itself, well, it’ll still be here in some shape or form, quite what that shape or form will be I’m not sure, but I’m not going to let it die.




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